This is where our love affair with Almond began back in 2002. This was our very first Astoria product and has been the top favorite all of these years. We stir real oatmeal into this detergent free goats milk body bar. All of our bar soaps are made small batch and even wrapped by hand one at a time. You're going to love the way your skin feels after you use this luxurious bar, it may just become your everyday favorite.


Almond Bar Soap

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  • Ingredients

    Sorbitol a sugar alcohol derived commonly from corn. It is used in the skin care industry to make soap and lotion formulas thick and stable. As a humectant, it is skin conditioning and prevents moisture loss from skin.

    Sodium cocoate a sodium salt which is naturally derived from the fatty acids in coconut oil.

    Propylene glycol a colorless odorless liquid completely soluble in water, helps skin absorb moisture. It can also help hair to be soft and easy to brush.

    Sodium stearate used as a stabilizer and thickener, a fine powder and the sodium salt of stearic acid, an emulsifier.

    Glycerin is often used for its water absorbing qualities and as a humectant and carrier that locks moisture and other ingredients like essential oils, into the skin.

    Goat milk


    Titanium dioxide a white pigment that assists in the opacity of products. A bright white naturally occurring color sourced from anatase crystalline mineral ores, ilmenite, and rutile.